Where Business Strategy Meets Creativity

To ensure audience engagement, improve business performance, and maximize our value to you as a partner, our approach to media production and brand communication focuses on three fundamental principles:

  1. Strategic Insight.
    BellaRose is firmly committed to your business objectives and brand strategy. This allows us to create powerful live experiences and targeted media for you­­—driven by your unique mission, values and goals­­––which help audiences convert ideas into action, ultimately improving your bottom line.


  2. Audience Engagement.
    Our audience-centric approach ensures that every deliverable is relevant and memorable, and provides lasting impact. With each creative solution, we elevate messages and brands through interactivity, which transforms audiences from spectators to participants.


  3. Process.
    Our production process ensures customers are educated, inspired and engaged. We adhere to a detailed production/project schedule and provide regular creative and budget updates. BellaRose is committed to delivering technical precision in each phase of every program. You can be confident that your critical messages will be executed to exceed expectations, on time and within budget.


"Brenda Brody is a partner that continues to deliver on all our expectations. With BellaRose, Brenda has created a flexible, responsive company model that brings together experienced, talented resources. She is guided by her years in the business and her success grounded in terrific client relationships. We know we can always count on Brenda and her team to deliver."— Sue Hansen
Director/Team Leader
Meeting Production Strategy

"I have had the pleasure of working with Brenda for several years and many meetings. She brings a level of customer focus and flexibility that is refreshing.

We changed our approach to meeting themes - "No Problem".
We changed our approach to staging - "No Problem".
We changed our presentation, training, entertainment approaches - "No Problem".

If you are looking for someone who will understand your needs, be flexible and exceed expectations, you want to look at Brenda Brody and BellaRose Associates."
- Doug Willner
Marketing Director, Organizational Learning & Development
Meso Scale Discovery